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Unit A. God and Spiritual Powers


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Unit A

God and Spiritual Powers

  1. God’s Being
    1. Basics
      1. God’s Form
      2. God’s Glory
      3. God’s Personhood
      4. God’s Eternity
    2. God’s Pre-Eminence
      1. God’s Greatness
      2. God’s Power (I): Ultimate Power
      3. God’s Power (II): His Deeds
      4. God’s Knowledge and Wisdom
      5. Addendum: God’s ‘Name’

➜ All headings in: 1. God’s Being

  1. God’s Character
    1. Holy Characteristics
      1. Holiness
      2. Righteousness and Justice
      3. Faithfulness
      4. Anger
    2. Loving Characteristics
      1. Love
      2. Mercy
      3. Benevolence
      4. Jealousy

➜ All headings in: 2. God’s Character

  1. Jesus Christ
    1. General
      1. Jesus Christ’s Eternity
      2. Jesus Christ’s Pre-Eminence
      3. Jesus Christ’s Character
      4. Jesus Christ’s ‘Name’
    2. Jesus Christ and God
      1. Jesus Christ Is the Son of God (I): General
      2. Jesus Christ Is the Son of God (II): Testimony
      3. Jesus Christ Is Identified with God
      4. Jesus Christ Is Treated like God Is
      5. Jesus Christ Is Under God’s Authority

➜ All headings in: 3. Jesus Christ

  1. The Holy Spirit
    1. General
      1. The Holy Spirit of God
      2. The Holy Spirit’s Being
      3. The Holy Spirit’s Personhood
    2. God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit
      1. Mutual Association
      2. Mutual Divine Attributes
      3. Mutual Divine Roles

➜ All headings in: 4. The Holy Spirit

  1. Angels, Satan and Demons
    1. Angels
      1. Attributes of Angels
      2. Angels and God
      3. Angels and God’s People
      4. Further Teaching about Angels
    2. Satan and Demons
      1. Satan’s Evilness
      2. Satan’s Power
      3. Satan’s Work against God’s People
      4. Demons

➜ All headings in: 5. Angels, Satan and Demons

Pray for persecuted Christians