TBU: The Bible Unpacked: In-Depth Edition

Unit C. God and the World: Jesus Christ

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Unit C

God and the World: Jesus Christ

  1. God’s Promised Messiah
    1. The Messiah’s Identity
      1. The Promise of a Messiah in OT Scripture
      2. Jesus Is the Promised Messiah
      3. Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus
      4. Further Testimony to Jesus Being the Messiah
    2. The Messiah’s Purpose and Person
      1. Jesus Christ’s Mission from God
      2. Jesus Christ’s Humanity
      3. Jesus Christ’s Personality
      4. Epilogue: God Works through Jesus Christ

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  1. Jesus Christ’s Mission
    1. God’s Enablement of Jesus Christ
      1. Jesus Christ’s Authority from God
      2. Jesus Christ’s Power from God
      3. Jesus Christ’s Knowledge from God
      4. Jesus Christ’s Direction from God
    2. Ministry, Death and Resurrection
      1. Jesus Christ’s Miracles
      2. Jesus Christ’s Teaching
      3. Jesus Christ’s Rejection and Death
      4. Jesus Christ’s Resurrection and Ascension

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  1. Salvation through Jesus Christ
    1. Salvation from Sin
      1. Jesus Christ’s Death as an Offering for Sin
      2. Jesus Christ’s Death and Atonement for Sin
      3. Jesus Christ’s Death and Redemption from Sin
      4. Jesus Christ’s Resurrection and Salvation
    2. Salvation for the World
      1. The Savior of the World
      2. Life through Jesus Christ
      3. Salvation for the Gentiles through Jesus Christ
      4. The Gentiles as Part of God’s People
      5. Epilogue: Jesus Christ’s Mission and Israel

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  1. The New Order
    1. Jesus Christ and the Law’s Diminished Role
      1. Righteousness Not by Law, but Faith in Jesus Christ
      2. Salvation by Grace, through Jesus Christ
      3. Release from the Law through Jesus Christ
      4. The Relevance of the Law
    2. Key Elements of the New Order
      1. God’s New Covenant
      2. Jesus Christ as High Priest
      3. The Kingdom of God
      4. Jesus Christ as Lord of All

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  1. ‘The Last Things’
    1. Jesus Christ’s Return and the Judgment
      1. Prologue: Judgments Preceding Jesus Christ’s Return
      2. The Timing of Jesus Christ’s Return
      3. Jesus Christ’s Return
      4. The Final Judgment (I): Its Scope and Outcomes
      5. The Final Judgment (II): The Process
      6. Jesus Christ’s Universal Rule
    2. The Afterlife
      1. The New Creation
      2. Eternal Life
      3. The Heavenly State of God’s People
      4. Being with God
      5. The Punishment for the Ungodly

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