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Unit E. Relating to God


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Unit E

Relating to God

  1. Being Right with God
    1. Getting Right with God
      1. God’s Invitation
      2. Repentance
      3. Belief in Jesus Christ (I): General
      4. Belief in Jesus Christ (II): Reasons to Believe
      5. Belief in Jesus Christ (III): Outcomes
      6. Reasons for Assurance
    2. Staying Right with God
      1. The Need to Obey God
      2. The Need for Good Deeds
      3. Living Free of the Law and Sin – by the Spirit
      4. Epilogue: Living ‘in’ Jesus Christ

➜ All headings in: 21. Being Right with God

  1. Having Faith in God
    1. Faith and Hope
      1. Have Faith in God
      2. What Faith in God Involves Doing
      3. The Importance of Faith (I): Godly Living
      4. The Importance of Faith (II): Blessings
      5. Have Hope in God
      6. The Importance of Hope
    2. What Not to Do
      1. Do Not Lack Faith
      2. Do Not Be Afraid (I): Instructions
      3. Do Not Be Afraid (II): Reasons
      4. Do Not Worry
      5. Do Not Trust in Other Things

➜ All headings in: 22. Having Faith in God

  1. Loving, Fearing and Obeying God
    1. Loving and Fearing God
      1. Love God
      2. The Importance of Loving God
      3. Fear God
      4. Why God Should Be Feared
      5. The Importance of Fearing God (I): Godly Living
      6. The Importance of Fearing God (II): Blessings
    2. Obeying God
      1. Obey God
      2. Learn God’s Commands – and All His Word
      3. How to Obey God
      4. Blessings of Obeying God
      5. Epilogue: Follow Jesus Christ

➜ All headings in: 23. Loving, Fearing and Obeying God

  1. Connecting with God
    1. Being Close to God
      1. Seek God
      2. Focus on God
      3. Meet with God and Live before Him
      4. Know God
    2. Praying to God
      1. The Importance of Prayer
      2. Praying before God
      3. Physical Aspects of Prayer
      4. Making Requests
      5. Epilogue: God’s Response to Requests

➜ All headings in: 24. Connecting with God

  1. Exalting God
    1. Instructions
      1. Glorify and Honor God
      2. Do Not Dishonor God
      3. Praise and Thank God
      4. How to Give Praise and Thanks (I): General
      5. How to Give Praise and Thanks (II): Rejoicing
    2. Reasons to Exalt God
      1. Aspects of God’s Being
      2. Aspects of God’s Character
      3. What God Does in the World
      4. What God Does for His People
      5. Epilogue: God’s Vast Blessing of His People

➜ All headings in: 25. Exalting God

Pray for persecuted Christians