TBU: The Bible Unpacked: In-Depth Edition

Unit H. Persevering

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Unit H


  1. Standing Firm
    1. General
      1. Be Faithful to God
      2. Remember God and His Word
      3. Hold to the Faith
      4. Persist until the End
      5. Be Ready for Jesus Christ’s Return
    2. Spiritual Warfare
      1. The Existence of Spiritual Warfare
      2. Engaging in Spiritual Warfare
      3. Counteraction of Demons
      4. Ungodly Spiritualistic Practices

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  1. Rejecting Sin
    1. Encountering Sin
      1. Consequences of Sin for God’s People
      2. Addressing Sin (I): Return from Sin to God
      3. Addressing Sin (II): Deal with Sin before God
      4. God’s Response to Repentance
    2. Avoiding Sin and Being Holy
      1. Avoiding Sin
      2. Alternatives to Sin
      3. Be Holy (I): General
      4. Be Holy (II): Being Set Apart

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  1. Major Pitfalls
    1. Pride
      1. Pride in Thought
      2. Pride in Action: Self-Exaltation and Boasting
      3. Outcomes of Pride
      4. Antithesis of Pride: Humility
    2. Riches and Sex
      1. Riches and Godliness
      2. Further Warnings about Riches
      3. Sexual Sin
      4. Prohibited Forms of Sex
      5. Epilogue: Be Wary

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  1. Hard Times
    1. General
      1. Prologue: God’s People Still Have Hard Times
      2. Mourn Loss
      3. Keep in Mind God and His Word
      4. Trust in God
      5. Hope in God and Wait for Him
    2. Praying in Hard Times
      1. Express Your Anguish to God
      2. Ask God for Help (I): General
      3. Ask God for Help (II): Things to Appeal To
      4. Praise and Rejoice in God
      5. Epilogue: God Does Respond to Suffering and Cries

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  1. Persecution
    1. The Persecution of God’s People
      1. God’s People Face Persecution
      2. Types of Persecution
      3. The Antichrist and the Final Persecution
      4. God’s Care of Persecuted Believers
    2. What to Do in Persecution
      1. Be Faithful to God and Endure
      2. Have Faith in God and Pray
      3. Rejoice
      4. Epilogue: Blessings for Faithfulness in Persecution

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Pray for persecuted Christians