TBU: The Bible Unpacked: In-Depth Edition

Unit F. Church Life

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Unit F

Church Life

  1. Being One Body
    1. General
      1. The Church as One Body
      2. Be in Unison
      3. Be in Fellowship
      4. Love Each Other (I): General
      5. Love Each Other (II): How
    2. Caring for the Body
      1. Pray for Each Other (I): General
      2. Pray for Each Other (II): What to Ask
      3. Encourage Each Other
      4. Help Each Other

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  1. Worshiping God
    1. General
      1. Worship God
      2. Worshiping before God
      3. Worshiping Together (I): General
      4. Worshiping Together (II): OT Feasts and Festivals
    2. Offerings
      1. Reasons to Give to God
      2. What to Give to God
      3. How to Give to God
      4. Righteousness and Making Offerings

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  1. Serving God
    1. Preliminary Instructions and Insights
      1. Be Prepared to Serve God
      2. Be Devoted to God’s Work
      3. Reasons to Serve God
      4. Being Guided by God
    2. Doing God’s Work
      1. Do God’s Work – the Best You Can
      2. Do the Work through God
      3. The Manner in Which to Serve God
      4. Working with Other Believers
      5. Spiritual Gifts

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  1. Significant Practices
    1. Symbolic Rites
      1. Baptism
      2. The Lord’s Supper
      3. Circumcision: Its Needlessness
    2. Other Significant Practices
      1. Confession of Jesus Christ
      2. Keeping the Sabbath Holy
      3. Fasting
      4. The Laying on of Hands

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  1. Church Leadership
    1. General
      1. Introductory Insights
      2. Required Characteristics
      3. Managing the Church
      4. Caring for Church Members
      5. Dealing with Sin in the Church
      6. Women in Leadership
      7. Church Members’ Duties to Leaders
    2. Teaching in the Church
      1. What to Teach: God’s Word
      2. How to Teach
      3. Traits of False Teachers (I): Their Teaching
      4. Traits of False Teachers (II): Characteristics
      5. Guarding against False Teachers

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Pray for persecuted Christians