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Unit B. God and the World: Basics


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Unit B

God and the World: Basics

  1. God’s Creation
    1. General
      1. God Made All Things
      2. God Maintains Creation
      3. How God Made and Maintains Creation
      4. Implications of God Being Creator
    2. God’s Creation of People
      1. Life and Death
      2. The Human Spirit
      3. The Uniqueness of People
      4. Epilogue: God’s Self-Revelation to People

➜ All headings in: 6. God’s Creation

  1. God’s Sovereignty
    1. God’s Supreme Authority
      1. The Lord Is God – the Only God
      2. God Reigns Supreme
      3. God Has Power over All Things
      4. God Defeats His Enemies
      5. God Fulfills His Plans
    2. God’s Control over the World
      1. God Has Control over Evil
      2. God Has Control over Nature
      3. God Has Control over the Nations
      4. God Has Control over Each Person
      5. Addendum: God’s Early Dealings with Humankind

➜ All headings in: 7. God’s Sovereignty

  1. God’s Word
    1. General
      1. What God’s Word Comprises
      2. God’s Communication of His Word
      3. Characteristics of God’s Word
      4. Functions of God’s Word (I): General
      5. Functions of God’s Word (II): Blessings
    2. Key Old Testament Covenants
      1. God’s Covenant with Abraham
      2. God’s Making of Israel as His People
      3. God’s Covenant with Israel and the Law
      4. The Ark of the Covenant and God’s Presence
      5. God’s Faithfulness to His Covenant with Israel
      6. God’s Dealings and Covenant with David

➜ All headings in: 8. God’s Word

  1. The Problem of Sin
    1. General
      1. What Sin Is
      2. Sin Is against God
      3. Sin Is Universal
      4. Sin’s Intrinsic Ill Effects
      5. Sin Brings God’s Judgment – Ultimately Death
    2. The Law’s Provision for Israel’s Sin
      1. Offerings for Atonement for Sinners
      2. Aspects of Making Offerings for Sin
      3. The Role of the Priests
      4. Ceremonial Cleanness
      5. Epilogue: Israel’s Persistence in Sin

➜ All headings in: 9. The Problem of Sin

  1. God’s Judgment
    1. Basics
      1. God Is the Judge of the World
      2. Reasons for God’s Judgment
      3. God’s Judgment Is Just
      4. God’s Judgment Reveals God
    2. The Manifestation of God’s Judgment
      1. Means of God’s Judicial Retribution
      2. Characteristics of God’s Judicial Retribution
      3. The Wicked and God’s Pending Judgment
      4. Repayments for the Wicked and the Righteous
      5. Epilogue: God’s Judgment of Israel – and His Mercy

➜ All headings in: 10. God’s Judgment

Pray for persecuted Christians