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Unit G. Relating to People


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Unit G

Relating to People

  1. Love
    1. Loving Qualities
      1. Love
      2. Generosity
      3. Mercy
      4. Gentleness
    2. Antitheses of Love
      1. Selfish Attitudes
      2. Ill Feelings
      3. Adverse Speech
      4. Adverse Force

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  1. Justice
    1. Justice in Action
      1. Do What Is Just and Right
      2. Administering Justice
      3. Justice and the Needy (I): Instructions
      4. Justice and the Needy (II): Insights
      5. OT Structured Provisions for the Needy
    2. Being True
      1. Faithfulness
      2. Truthfulness
      3. Deceitfulness
      4. Dishonest Gain
      5. Addendum: Oaths

➜ All headings in: 32. Justice

  1. Wisdom
    1. Being Wise
      1. Prologue: The Precedence of Godly Wisdom
      2. Wisdom through God
      3. Wisdom through Others
      4. Wise Speech (I): Instructions
      5. Wise Speech (II): Insights
      6. Wise Personal Practices
    2. Antitheses of Wisdom and Knowledge
      1. Foolishness
      2. Foolish and Ungodly Practices
      3. Spiritual Ignorance (I): Causes and Results
      4. Spiritual Ignorance (II): Knowledge Lacked
      5. Epilogue: Blessings of Wisdom

➜ All headings in: 33. Wisdom

  1. Common Relationships
    1. Family Relationships
      1. Prologue: Getting Married
      2. Spouses (I): General
      3. Spouses (II): Romantic Love
      4. Parents’ Duties to Children (I): Love and Care
      5. Parents’ Duties to Children (II): Godly Training
      6. Children’s Duties to Parents
    2. Civil Relationships
      1. Citizens’ Duties to Authorities
      2. Authorities’ Duties to Citizens (I): General
      3. Authorities’ Duties to Citizens (II): Justice
      4. Servants and Masters

➜ All headings in: 34. Common Relationships

  1. Spreading the Gospel
    1. Instructions
      1. Tell People the Gospel
      2. What Things to Explain
      3. How to Spread the Message
      4. Supplementary Actions
    2. Insights
      1. Insights on the Gospel Message
      2. The Need to Spread the Gospel
      3. God and the Gospel’s Effectiveness
      4. Further Insights regarding the Gospel

➜ All headings in: 35. Spreading the Gospel

Pray for persecuted Christians