TBU: The Bible Unpacked: In-Depth Edition

Unit D. God and His Own People

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Unit D

God and His Own People

  1. The Standing of God’s People
    1. Basics
      1. Prologue: God Draws People to Himself
      2. God’s People Belong to God
      3. God’s People Are His Family
      4. God’s People Are His Church
    2. Being ‘in’ Jesus Christ
      1. God’s People Are ‘in’ Jesus Christ
      2. The Significance of Being ‘in’ Jesus Christ
      3. God’s People Are One Body ‘in’ Jesus Christ
      4. Epilogue: God’s People Relate to God through Jesus Christ

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  1. Keys to God’s Interaction
    1. Basics
      1. God Is Always with His People
      2. God Knows His People and They Know Him
      3. God Loves His People
      4. God Is Faithful to His People
      5. God Shows Grace to His People
    2. God’s Holy Spirit in His People
      1. God Gives the Holy Spirit to His People
      2. God Works in His People through the Holy Spirit
      3. The Holy Spirit Renews God’s People
      4. The Holy Spirit Helps God’s People

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  1. God’s Transformation of His People
    1. General
      1. God Makes His People Spiritually Alive
      2. God Makes His People Holy
      3. God Teaches His People
      4. God Disciplines His People (I): Reasons
      5. God Disciplines His People (II): Insights
    2. Spiritual Attributes
      1. Love, Faith and Hope
      2. Peace
      3. Joy
      4. Wisdom and Knowledge

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  1. God’s Care of His People
    1. God’s Saving of His People
      1. God’s Capacity to Save His People
      2. God Saves His People – from All Things
      3. God Redeems His People
      4. God Helps His People against Enemies
      5. God Is Revealed in Saving His People
    2. God’s Preservation of His People
      1. God Meets His People’s Needs
      2. God Strengthens His People
      3. God Protects His People (I): General
      4. God Protects His People (II): Depictions
      5. Epilogue: God’s Care of the Needy

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  1. God’s Plans for His People
    1. General
      1. God Has Plans and Purposes for His People
      2. God Works through His People (I): General
      3. God Works through His People (II): Empowerment
      4. God Guides His People
    2. God’s Plans for Israel
      1. Return to the Land
      2. Physical Renewal
      3. Deliverance and Everlasting Peace
      4. Spiritual Renewal
      5. A Renewed Relationship with God
      6. Exaltation and Glorification

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Pray for persecuted Christians