What is ‘The Bible Unpacked’

7 Compilations of Bible Teaching

The 7 Editions (books)
The 7 Editions
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Interactive Versions

There are 7 editions of The Bible Unpacked. They each present the Bible’s teaching – primarily with Bible verses and headings derived from the verses. Occasionally verses are followed by a comment.

The 7 editions aim to address the needs of non-Christians through to mature Christians, from teenagers to adults. Each edition is an abbreviated version of the next one up in size.

Each of the editions are available in an interactive format and as PDFs and eBooks (ePub and mobi).

4 Editions with Bible Studies

Online editions with questions
The 4 series of PDF Bible studies
eBook editions with Bible study questions
The eBook editions with questions

Image of the 4 Bible study series

The interactive editions with questions

Four of the 7 editions have topical Bible studies based on them.

For the interactive, ePub and mobi versions, Bible study questions are included in the editions.

For the PDF versions, there are 4 series of Bible studies. They contain the same text as the respective editions, with questions added.

Further Details about TBU

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