Single Chapters

Advantages for Printing

For the Concise, Foundations and Intermediate study series, the files available on the Bible Studies page contain multiple chapters. The files that can be downloaded below contain individual chapters. These files are a better option for printing.

The advantages are:

  • Easy printing. Each chapter from the Concise Edition and Foundations Edition can be printed on one side of an A4 or a Letter size sheet of paper. Each chapter from the Intermediate Edition have their pages ordered to be printed on both sides of two sheets and folded.
  • Flexibility with questions. Questions can be changed, omitted or added.
  • Variety. Users can alternate between studies from the different parts of a series.
  • Freshness. Users have a different handout every study.

All Chapters in Zip Files

* Mobiles might not be able to download zip files.

Study Questions

These links are to MS Word files with the questions from the respective study series.

Concise Edition Chapters

Foundations Edition Chapters

Intermediate Edition Chapters