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This page is in case you missed the information at the end of the home page about the free resources on, the website of Rev. Dr John Mallison (TBU author’s late father).

Photo of John Mallison

John Mallison’s Ministry

The late Rev. Dr John Mallison had extensive experience in mentoring and small groups. For over forty five years he mentored Christian leaders throughout Australia and other countries. He made a major contribution to the Small Group Movement through: his extensive and creative use of small groups; his books; and training thousands of leaders.

John was also a lecturer, consultant and trainer in leadership development in many fields of church growth and renewal.

John Mallison’s Website

John’s website – – contains many mentoring resources – including resources for mentoring training. However most of the books John wrote were about small groups (or cell groups). His final book on small groups – ‘The Small-Group Leader’ (see link below) – contains the key elements of all he wrote on the topic. All the resources may be freely reproduced, distributed or uploaded to websites – for non-profit Christian purposes. Printed copies may be sold to cover costs.

Included on his site are free PDF downloads of his acclaimed books …