Topics Overview

Each of the 7 editions of the The Bible Unpacked is an abbreviated version of the next one up in size. As such, they cover the same topics, to varying levels.

Most of the editions have the following headings in their contents (as explained below).

I. What to Know

A. God and Spiritual Powers

  1. God’s Being
  2. God’s Character
  3. Jesus Christ
  4. The Holy Spirit
  5. Angels, Demons and Satan

B. God and the World: Basics

  1. God’s Creation
  2. God’s Sovereignty
  3. God’s Word
  4. The Problem of Sin
  5. God’s Judgment

C. God and the World: Jesus Christ

  1. God’s Promised Messiah
  2. Jesus Christ’s Mission
  3. Salvation Through Jesus Christ
  4. The New Order
  5. ‘The Last Things’

D. God and His Own People

  1. The Standing of God’s People
  2. Keys to God’s Interaction with His People
  3. God’s Transformation of His People
  4. God’s Care of His People
  5. God’s Plans for His People

II. What to Do

E. Relating to God

  1. Being Right with God
  2. Having Faith in God
  3. Loving, Fearing and Obeying God
  4. Connecting with God
  5. Exalting God

F. Church Life

  1. Being One Body
  2. Worshiping God
  3. Serving God
  4. Significant Practices
  5. Church Leadership

G. Relating to Other People

  1. Love
  2. Justice
  3. Wisdom
  4. Common Relationships
  5. Spreading the Gospel

H. Persevering

  1. Standing Firm
  2. Rejecting Sin
  3. Major Pitfalls
  4. Hard Times
  5. Persecution

The above headings apply to the various editions as follows:

  • In the four larger editions, the headings numbered 1 to 40 are chapters, grouped in eight units (A to H).
  • In the Concise Edition (third smallest), units A to H are chapters, in which most of the other 40 headings appear.
  • In the Pocket Edition (second smallest), Section 1: What to Know and Section 2: What to Do are chapters, containing headings reflecting the eight units (and their colors).
  • The Two-Minute Edition is very small and the above headings are hardly applicable.

The chapters are further divided into sections. Under these are subheadings, each of which are followed by Bible verses. (As explained elsewhere, the subheadings are based on the verses rather than the verses being selected to support the subheadings.) Occasionally the verses are followed by a comment.

The four larger editions have both: lists of the major headings in their chapters; and lists of all their headings. The Pocket Edition and the Concise Edition have lists of all their headings. To see more detail of the contents of each edition, use the links below to go to the start of these lists of headings in the online versions. (There is no list of headings for the Two-Minute Edition.)

Note that there is no correlation between the colors used for the headings Unit A to Unit H above and those of the covers of the editions.