Uses & Target Audiences

The 7 editions of ‘The Bible Unpacked’ can be grouped under the following categories of usage:

  • Outreach: Two-Minute Edition and Pocket Edition
  • Bible Study & Growth: Concise Edition, Foundations Edition, Intermediate Edition and Comprehensive Editions
  • Reference & Deeper Study: In-Depth Edition



To give anyone a very brief overview of the Bible.

Seekers of truth

For inquiring non-Christians or young new Christians.

Bible Study & Growth

New believers

For new or young Christians. Suitable to give to non-Christian friends.

Young believers

For Christians wanting a firm grounding in their faith.

Growing believers

For Christians developing a sound understanding of the faith.

Established believers

For Christians developing a comprehensive knowledge of the faith.

Reference & Deeper Study

In-Depth Edition

For all who want a deep understanding of the faith.

  • The ultimate basis of the other editions.
  • Built from the ground up, with headings derived from verses
  • Over 100,000 hyperlinks.

Useful for all Bible devotees, including:

  • speakers preparing talks
  • leaders of Bible study groups
  • Bible students and Bible colleges