Note that some of the following endorsements are based primarily on the Intermediate Edition. The people quoted have not necessarily read other editions.

“The author has done a great job in collecting and arranging texts under doctrinal and practical headings. It would be very helpful for Bible Study leaders and preachers. I could see myself using it, even when I was preaching on a passage.”

The Rt Rev. Dr Paul Barnett
(Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Sydney)

“I am very impressed by Paul Mallison’s material The Bible Unpacked. This is obviously the result of a massive amount of research by Paul and provides people with an excellent resource at varying levels to facilitate their understanding of the life-giving teaching of the Bible. It is great to have the actual biblical passages included rather than having to look them up as this means readers will encounter the Word of God directly for themselves as they read.

Paul has included sufficient comment at the various levels to assist the reader’s understanding. Paul’s comments are from an evangelical perspective. He does not shy away from the more controversial areas (e.g. the place of Israel in God’s future plans) and presents alternative interpretations in a balanced way.

Importantly Paul is aware of the dangers of using Bible passages out of their context (‘proof-texting’); he encourages the reader to examine the passages in their own contexts. Moreover, he has used the various passages in a way that is faithful to their meaning. I highly recommend The Bible Unpacked for its use both in evangelism and helping people grow in their Christian faith.”

Rev. Dr Peter Ralphs
(Former Principal of Bible College of Queensland)

“This is a book* that will be of great assistance to those who seek to identify the major themes of the biblical story. It faithfully reflects the “big picture” which emerges from the biblical narrative, providing a helpful guide to interpretation and a solid foundation for thinking and living Christianly.”

Brian V. Hill
(Emeritus Professor of Education, Murdoch University, Western Australia)

“Many people find the Bible daunting, for it reflects a very different world. This book* provides a helpful overview which introduces people to a number of important biblical themes and then directs them to relevant passages. People should find the book’s connection between belief and behaviour a stimulating challenge to assess their life in the light of the passages from which the book quotes. The book’s structure also makes it clear that life in Christ is not just an individual matter, but involves deep relationships with God and other people.”

Professor Ian Breward
(Professor of Church History [retired] and Archivist)

“I would highly recommend The Bible Unpacked series for people. The smaller editions are perfect for evangelism, the mid-level range for Bible studies in groups or personally and the larger editions for those wanting to do some serious work on the Bible. Young Life volunteer leaders have used the Pocket Edition with new Christians in our camping programs and beyond. Paul Mallison has compiled an excellent resource for the seeker through to mature Christians.”

Glyn Henman
(CEO of Young Life Australia)

“Our Church fellowship group enjoyed working through ‘The Bible Unpacked’ study notes each week. Each term we would decide to continue on, and completed the whole series (being left wanting more). We would take turns reading aloud the selected verses and then tackle the excellent written questions. We grew in knowledge through exploring Scripture verses in a topical way and also grew in relationship with each other.”

Andrew and Vivian Scott
(Bible study leaders, Vancouver, Canada)

“I am a big fan of the Intermediate level one. I carry it everywhere with me.”

Gary Irvine
(YWAM Leader)

“It’s better than I thought it would be.”

June Mallison **
(Author’s mum)

* The reference is to the Intermediate Edition.

** Note that Paul’s mum is hard to please. 🙂