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WHY use it?



Quiet Times


Bible Studies





Accessible Compilations of the Bible’s Teaching


  • doctrinal topics
  • application topics
  • a clear and readable order


  • ranges from brief to in-depth
  • caters for non-Christians to mature Christians


Consistent Structure of Bible Teachings


What to Know

God and the world, sin, God’s plan and Jesus.


What to Do

How a Christian relates to God, and others.

Has Key Features

Standard Theology

  • adherence to the Apostles’ Creed
  • consistent with evangelical theology
  • headings derived from Bible verses, compiled over two decades by the Author.

Extensive Navigation

  • verses linked to Bible sites, for context
  • cross reference links
  • search feature with links
  • Scripture and subject index links


Available in Multiple Formats

online HTML

Online Browsing

offline HTML

Offline Usage


Printable Studies

ePub and mobi

eBook Readers

What has been said about The Bible Unpacked

Very helpful for Bible study leaders and preachers

“The author has done a great job in collecting and arranging texts under doctrinal and practical headings. It would be very helpful for Bible Study leaders and preachers. I could see myself using it, even when I was preaching on a passage.”

The Rt Rev. Dr Paul Barnett
(Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Sydney)

It faithfully reflects the “big picture”

“This is a book* that will be of great assistance to those who seek to identify the major themes of the biblical story. It faithfully reflects the “big picture” which emerges from the biblical narrative, providing a helpful guide to interpretation and a solid foundation for thinking and living Christianly.”
* Intermediate Edition.

Brian V. Hill
(Emeritus Professor of Education, Murdoch University, Western Australia)

Grew in relationship with each other

“Our Church fellowship group enjoyed working through the Bible Unpacked study notes. Each term we decided to continue on, and completed the whole series (being left wanting more). We would take turns reading aloud the verses and then tackle the excellent questions. We grew in knowledge through exploring Scripture verses in a topical way and also grew in relationship with each other.”

Andrew and Vivian Scott
Vancouver, Canada

Reviews From the Web

“The Bible Unpacked … how good is this!”

“Amazing free Bible study guides for all – The Bible Unpacked”

For more reviews or endorsements go to Endorsements.

WHAT is in it?

7 Editions of the Bible’s Teaching

7 Incremental Compilations of Bible Verses

There are 7 editions of The Bible Unpacked. They each present the Bible’s teaching – primarily with Bible verses and headings derived from the verses.

Each edition is an abbreviated edition of the next longest one, aimed at different audiences.

For an overview of their contents, go to What’s Inside

Image of the 7 editions.
Image of the 4 Bible study series
The Bible studies

4 Editions with Bible Studies

4 of the 7 editions have topical Bible studies based on them.

For the online, ePub and mobi versions, Bible study questions are included at the back.

For the PDF versions, there are 4 series of Bible studies. They contain the same text as the PDF editions, with questions added.

Resources for Outreach

Two-Minute Edition


Key Bible teachings for everyone. Printable credit card size, for use in leaflets or handouts.

Pocket Edition

Seekers of truth

Key Bible teachings largely for giving to inquiring non-Christians or young new Christians.

4 Editions for Bible Study, Tailored for Maturity

Concise Edition

New believers

For new or young Christians. Suitable to give to non-Christian friends.

Foundational Edition

Young believers

For Christians wanting a firm grounding in their faith.

Intermediate Edition

Growing believers

For Christians developing a sound understanding of the faith.

Comprehensive Edition

Established believers

For Christians developing a comprehensive knowledge of the faith.

Resources for Bible Students

In-Depth Edition

The Bible’s teaching expounded for Bible students, for a deep understanding of the faith.

  • The ultimate basis of the other editions.
  • Built from the ground up, with headings derived from verses
  • Over 100,000 hyperlinks.

Useful for all Bible devotees, including:

  • speakers preparing talks
  • leaders of Bible study groups
  • Bible students and Bible colleges

More Notes on the Free Resources!

Using the Free Bible Resources

  • These resources may be downloaded for free, from The 7 Editions and Bible Studies (PDFs).
  • All 7 editions in online format can be accessed directly from The Bible Unpacked – Online.
  • For files that are easy to print for Bible studies, go to Single Chapters.
  • All the resources may be freely reproduced for non-profit Christian purposes.
  • It would be greatly appreciated if you could link back to this website and/or spread the word, so more people can find these free resources.
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Other Free Resources

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