The Bible Unpacked

Free resources for your Bible studies and teaching

Image of the 7 Editions, linked to interactive editions

There are 7 editions of The Bible Unpacked. Each one is a compilation of the Bible’s teaching. They are composed primarily of Bible verses and headings derived from the verses.

Each edition is a condensed version of the next one up in size. They cater for non-Christians through to mature Christians. They are available in:

There are topical Bible studies based on four of the editions.

The resources are free but the author asks in return that users pray regularly for persecuted Christians.

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See the website of Rev. Dr John Mallison (TBU author’s late father) for free Christian mentoring and cell group resources. Included are free PDF downloads of John’s acclaimed books:

Front cover of mentoring book
Mentoring to Develop Disciples & Leaders
Front cover of small group book
The Small Group Leader