In-Depth Edition

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The In-Depth Edition is the largest of the 7 editions of The Bible Unpacked and is what the other editions are ultimately based on.

It aims to present a compilation of the Bible’s teachings in a clear and readable order, using the Bible itself – i.e. verses taken from the Bible.


The In-Depth Edition features:

  • over 37,000 Bible verses, with hyperlinks to the passages at the ESV website;
  • numerous short passages of commentary;
  • listings of all headings – which are hyperlinks to the headings in the text;
  • a Scripture Index, with all entries as hyperlinks;
  • a Subject Index, with all entries as hyperlinks;
  • thousands of other cross-reference hyperlinks throughout the text.

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Further Details

“It is built from the ground up.”

Development began by grouping Bible verses with common themes. Each group of verses was given a subheading derived from the common theme of the group’s verses. These groups of verses where themselves put in groups under major headings, which in turn where grouped in chapters.

As such, all the headings are ultimately based on the verses, rather than the verses being selected to support the headings. This methodology prompted Senior Baptist Pastor Steve Hales to describe it as being “built from the ground up.”

A Remarkable Symmetry

The book has 40 chapters. These were grouped according to their themes, resulting in eight units, of exactly five chapters each. The units are divided into two main divisions – I. What to Know and II. What to Do. As with the units, they both have the same number, four units each.

This has resulted in a Contents with a remarkable symmetry. This symmetry has also allowed the development of studies series (for four of the other editions) composed of booklets with the same number of studies.