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B. God’s Rule and Sin


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God rules justly over all people

You [God] are the ruler of all nations, and you do what is right and fair.   Revelation 15:3 CEV

All things belong to God, as he made everything

The heavens and the earth belong to you. And so does the world with all its people because you created them 12and everything else.   Psalms 89:11-12a CEV

Breaking God’s law is sin

Whoever sins is guilty of breaking God’s law, because sin is a breaking of the law.   1 John 3:4b GNT

All people have sinned

All of us have sinned …   Romans 3:23a CEV

Sin leads to the penalty of death forever

For the payoff of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.   Romans 6:23a NET

God’s justice means that unforgiven sin must be punished with everlasting death or destruction.