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Tips on Using This Resource


×Moves questions and page headings
from the bottom to a separate pane.
Headings pane?
×Displays occasional comments.
Author's comments?
×Displays verses in a san-serif font (as
used in the headings and comments).
San-serif verse font?
Base font size
Line height
Toggles in top bar


×Turn this on for a colored background.
– Vary the color with the slider.
– Change colors with the drop-down.
Page Background?
×This applies formatting to the parts
of verses that the subheadings refer to.
You can select a different format below.
Key text in verses?

Unit color

BrownYellow color

Unit highlight

YellowWhiteBlackBrown highlight







Bookmark Label (optional)

Max. 20 characters

Tips on Using This Resource

There are numerous hyperlinks throughout the text. Bear in mind the following:

  • Any colored heading is a hyperlink, not just blue headings.
  • Each heading in the text is a hyperlink to the corresponding heading in a list of all the headings – at All Headings. Conversely, each heading at All Headings is a hyperlink to the corresponding heading in the text.
  • The Bible reference of each passage is a hyperlink to the passage in its chapter on a Bible website. This enables the context of a passage to be quickly checked.
Navigation Icons
Buttons on the bar at the top of the main window in smaller online versions Buttons on the bar at the top of the menu window in smaller online versions

On mobile phones and tablets, icons for navigation (along with buttons for settings) appear either in:

  • the bar at the top of the screen (first image above); or
  • the bar at the top of the menu screen (second image above).

Note that the menu screen is activated by the “burger” button, the first icon in the first image above.

There are three navigation icons in the bars above. They are links to:

  • the Contents page – the open book icon, next to the “burger” button;
  • Tips on Using This Resource (i.e. this help page) – the question mark icon;
  • the Search Headings page – the magnifying glass icon.

On larger screens the navigation icons/buttons are at both ends of the bar across the top of the window, as per the image below.

Buttons on the top bar in larger online editions

Activating the Bookmark button (towards the RHS of the first and third image above) displays a Bookmarks dialogue box. Bookmarks are set to the current position of the current page. Bookmarks are stored in a device’s local storage, to be available in later sessions.

Bookmarks dialogue box.

On all screens, there is an icon the shape of a cog on the far-right side of the bar at the top of the window. It opens a settings pane at the bottom of the screen, as shown in the next image below.

Layout settings on mobiles.

These settings are as follows.

  • San-serif font: This toggles the font used for verses between the default serif font and a san-serif font. The latter is the font used for the headings and comments.
  • Base font size: This enables the user to change the “root” font size. The size of all the headings and paragraphs in the main text are based on this.
  • Line height: This allows the user to change the spacing between paragraph lines in the main text.
  • Page Background: This toggles between a white and a colored background. There are six color options, in an adjacent combo box. These include dark colors, which most users would find preferable when reading at night.