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A Quick Word


Christians believe that the Bible is God’s word. As such it reveals what God is like, including how he relates to people. Additionally it reveals his instructions for people – largely how he wants us to relate to him and to others.

This booklet gives a brief overview of the Bible’s teachings. The booklet is largely made up of Bible verses. Before the verses are headings, which reflect what the verses say. The verses are sometimes followed by a comment.

Some verses have a brief introduction, in brackets. These state who is speaking. Apart from God and Jesus Christ, the main speakers are:

  • David – who wrote many prayers; and
  • Paul – who wrote letters to believers.
Seven Editions

This booklet is the second shortest of the seven editions of The Bible Unpacked. The seven editions all aim to present the Bible’s teachings in a clear and readable order. Apart from the longest edition, each edition is an abbreviated version of the next one up in size. Four of the editions include Bible study questions.

The names, subtitles and target audiences of each edition are as follows.

Two-Minute Edition

Key Bible teachings for everyone

For giving to non-Christians.

Two-Minute Edition cover image

Pocket Edition

Key Bible teachings for seekers of truth

For inquiring non-Christians or young new Christians.

Pocket Edition cover image

Concise Edition

Key Bible teachings for new believers

For either new or young Christians. Also for giving to non-Christian friends.

Has Bible study questions. Ideal for Bible studies.

Concsie Edition cover image

Foundations Edition

The Bible’s teaching condensed for young believers

For newer Christians, wanting a firm grounding in their faith.

Has Bible study questions. Ideal for Bible studies.

Foundations Edition cover image

Intermediate Edition

The Bible’s teaching summarized for growing believers

For Christians wanting to develop a sound understanding of the faith. Very suitable for use as a study or a devotional tool.

Has Bible study questions. Excellent for Bible study groups.

Intermediate Edition cover image

Comprehensive Edition

The Bible’s teaching compiled for established believers

For Christians wanting a more comprehensive knowledge of the faith. Useful resource for preparing talks.

Has Bible study questions. Ideal for detailed study of topics.

Comprehensive Edition cover image

In-Depth Edition

The Bible’s teaching expounded for Bible students

For pastors, church leaders, Bible students and all who want a deep understanding of the faith.

Very suitable for use as a study or a devotional tool.

In-Depth Edition cover image

For more information on The Bible Unpacked, go to:  www.thebibleunpacked.net