Pocket Edition



×Moves questions and page headings
from the bottom to a separate pane.
Headings pane?
×Displays occasional comments.
Author's comments?
×Displays verses in a san-serif font (as
used in the headings and comments).
San-serif verse font?
Base font size
Line height
Toggles in top bar


×Turn this on for a colored background.
– Vary the color with the slider.
– Change colors with the drop-down.
Page Background?
×This applies formatting to the parts
of verses that the subheadings refer to.
You can select a different format below.
Key text in verses?

Unit color

BrownYellow color

Unit highlight

YellowWhiteBlackBrown highlight







Bookmark Label (optional)

Max. 20 characters

Cover image

Navigation Tips

This is the online version of a booklet. Grey arrows on the left and right sides link to the adjoining pages. On mobiles these are hidden when scrolling downwards.

Button that goes to Contents pageThe book icon in the top bar, links to the Contents – a good place to start.

This edition has 8 sections, divided equally among two parts – (What to Know and What to Do). Color-coding is used for the eight sections. Any colored text is a link.

Screen Tip: Try full screen view. (In Windows, use F11 to toggle it on or off.)

For more tips, see Tips on Using This Resource.