TBU: The Bible Unpacked: Foundations Edition

Unit B. God and the World: Basics

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Unit B

God and the World: Basics


  1. God’s Creation
    1. God Makes Everything
    2. God Sustains Everything
    3. God’s Creation of People


  1. God’s Sovereignty
    1. God Rules Supreme
    2. God Has Control over All Things
    3. God Has Control over People


  1. God’s Word
    1. General
    2. God’s Covenant with Israel


  1. The Problem of Sin
    1. What and Who
    2. Consequences of Sin
    3. The Law’s Provision for Sin


  1. God’s Judgment
    1. Reasons for God’s Judgment
    2. The Justice of God’s Judgment
    3. The Wicked and God’s Judgment

 Major Headings Lists

Pray for persecuted Christians