TBU: The Bible Unpacked: Foundations Edition

Unit A. God and Spiritual Powers

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Unit A

God and Spiritual Powers


  1. God’s Being
    1. God’s Form
    2. God’s Eternity
    3. God’s Power and Knowledge


  1. God’s Character
    1. God’s Holiness
    2. God’s Righteousness and Faithfulness
    3. God’s Anger
    4. God’s Love and Mercy
    5. God’s Goodness


  1. Jesus Christ
    1. Jesus Christ’s Eternity
    2. Jesus Christ’s Pre-Eminence
    3. Jesus Christ’s Character
    4. Jesus Christ’s Divinity


  1. The Holy Spirit
    1. The Holy Spirit and God
    2. The Holy Spirit’s Divine Characteristics
    3. The Holy Spirit Is Personal


  1. Angels, Satan and Demons
    1. Angels
    2. Satan
    3. Demons

 Major Headings Lists

Pray for persecuted Christians