TBU: The Bible Unpacked: Foundations Edition

Unit C. God and the World: Jesus Christ

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Unit C

God and the World: Jesus Christ


  1. God’s Promised Messiah
    1. Promise of a Messiah
    2. Prophecy of the Messiah’s Death for Sins
    3. The Messiah’s Identity
    4. The Messiah’s Mission


  1. Jesus Christ’s Mission
    1. Jesus Christ’s Ministry
    2. Jesus Christ’s Death
    3. Jesus Christ’s Resurrection
    4. Jesus Christ’s Ascension


  1. Salvation through Jesus Christ
    1. Forgiveness of Sins through Jesus Christ
    2. Salvation and Life through Jesus Christ


  1. The New Order
    1. Righteousness by Faith and Grace
    2. A New Covenant
    3. Other Key Aspects


  1. ‘The Last Things’
    1. Jesus Christ’s Return
    2. The Final Judgment
    3. The Afterlife

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Pray for persecuted Christians