TBU: The Bible Unpacked: Foundations Edition

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Subject Index


Access, to God, 16.c

Adam, 9.b

Adultery, 34.a

Afterlife, 38.b

Angels, 5.a

Anger, 31.d

Anguish, 39.b

Armor, spiritual, 36.c

Assurance, 21.a

Atonement, 9.c

Authority, in the church, 30.a


Baptism, 29.a

Belief. See also Faith

in God, 22.a, 24.c

in Jesus Christ, 21.a, 22.a, 29.a

outcomes of, 15.b

Belonging, 16.b

Blessings, 25.c

Boldness, 35.c



divine, 19.a, 22.b

for others, 34.b

Children, parents’ duties to, 34.b

Children of God, 16.b, 18.d


as one body, 26.a

fellowship of, 26.b

Church leaders

church members’ duties to, 30.c

relating to members, 30.a

Citizens, 34.c

Cleansing, 10.a

Comfort, 39.a

divine, 39.c

Conceit, 38.a

Condemnation, 5.b


of Jesus Christ, 29.c

of sins, 37.a

Confidence, 39.a

Confrontation, 30.b

Consequences, 38.b

Contentment, 38.b


the new, 14.b

with Israel, 8.b, 9.c

Creation, 6.b. See also God, creative work of



as judgment for sin, 9.b

eternal, 9.b

physical, 6.c, 9.b

salvation from, 13.b, 15.c

Deceit, 5.b, 32.b

Deeds. See also Good deeds

judgment of, 15.b

Delight, 39.a

Deliverance, from trouble, 17.a, ch.19

Demons, 5.c

Denial, of Jesus Christ, 37.b

Devotion, to God, 28.a

Discipline, 10.a, 18.d

Doubt, 24.c


Earnestness, 24.c

Earth, 7.a

Encouragement. See Trouble, encouragement in

Endurance, 40.c

Enemies, love for, 31.a

Eternal life, 8.a, 21.a

nature of, 15.c

through Jesus Christ, 15.b

Evil, 2.a

God’s power over, 7.b

results of, 15.b

Example, 30.a. See also Jesus Christ, example of


Faith, 36.c. See also Belief; Trust

and deeds, 21.b

in Jesus Christ, 14.a. See also Belief, in Jesus Christ

in prayer, 24.c

lack of, 22.c

necessity of, 14.a

what it involves doing, 22.a. See also Belief; Trust

Faithfulness, to God, 36.a, 40.b

Family, of God, 16.b

Favoritism, 32.a


of God, 23.b

and wisdom, 33.a

of people

exhortation against, 23.b, 35.c, 40.a


amongst believers, 26.b

with God and Jesus Christ, 26.b

Final judgment, the, 15.b

Fire, 15.b

Focussing on God, 24.a

Following Jesus Christ, 23.d, 40.b

Foolishness, 33.d, 38.a

Foreigners, 32.c


human, 31.b

of sin, 21.a, 31.b, 37.a

through Jesus Christ, 13.a

Fruit, spiritual, 28.b

Future, the, 1.c


Gentiles, 13.b

Gentleness, 30.a, 31.c


to God. See Offerings

to needy, 32.c

Glorifying God, 25.a

Glory. See God, glory of; Jesus Christ, glory of


anger of, 2.c, 9.b

benevolence of, 2.e

creative work of, 6.a, 25.c

deeds of, 2.b, 34.b

eternity of, 1.b

faithfulness of, 25.c

fatherhood of, 16.b, 24.b

form of, 1.a

glory of, 1.a

goodness of, 2.e

grace. See Grace

greatness of, 25.c

holiness of, 2.a, 37.d

justice of, 10.b

kindness of, 2.e

knowledge of, 1.c, 17.b

love of, 2.d, 17.c, 18.d, 25.c

mercy of, 2.d

omnipotence of. See God, power of

omnipresence of. See God, presence of

omniscience of. See God, knowledge of

oneness of, 1.a

patience of, 2.c

plans and purposes of, 20.a

power of, 1.c, 5.b, 8.b, 12.c, 20.b, 35.c. See also God, deeds of

presence of, 1.a, 4.a

with people, 17.a, 39.c

promises of, 2.b, 22.b

righteousness of, 2.b, 10.b

sovereignty of, ch.7

unchanging, 1.b

will of, 12.a, 24.d. See also God, plans and purposes of

wisdom of, 1.c

God’s people, as belonging to God, 16.a

God’s work.  See also Serving God

through his people, 17.d, 20.b

Godliness, 28.d

Good deeds, 31.a

Gospel, the

call to tell, 35.a

spreading of, 35.c

what to say, 35.b

Grace, 14.a, 17.c

Graciousness, 33.c

Growth, spiritual, 40.c

Guarding, by God, 19.c


by God, 20.c

receiving God’s, 28.d


Hate, 31.d

Heart, 7.c, 33.c, 39.b

Heaven, 12.d

worship and service in, 14.b

Heavens and earth, 6.a


divine, 35.c, 37.b

of others, 30.b

High priest, 9.c

Holiness, 29.d

as separation from the worldly, 37.d

exhortation to, 37.d

produced by God, 18.b

Holy Spirit, the

and God’s presence, 4.a

and spiritual gifts, 28.c

as the Spirit of God, 4.a

eternity of, 4.b

gift of, 17.d

in prayer, 24.b

in spread of the gospel, 35.d

in worship, 27.b

knowledge of, 4.b

living by, 21.c

personhood of, 4.c

power of, 4.b

presence of, 4.b

wisdom of, 4.b

Honesty, 32.b


God, 25.a

people, 34.b

Hope, 22.a

Humility, 31.c, 38.a

before God, 38.a

Husband, 34.a


Image of God, people as, 6.c


and Jesus Christ, 11.a

as God’s people, 8.b


Jesus Christ

as creator, 6.b

as Lord, 14.c, 23.d

as savior, 11.a, 13.a

as Son of God, 2.d, 3.d, 35.b

as Messiah, 11.c, 35.b

ascension of, 12.d

body of, 26.a

death of, 11.b, 12.b, 26.c, 29.b, 35.b

deeds of, 11.c

divinity of. See Jesus Christ, equality with God

equality with God, 3.d

eternity of, 3.a

exaltation of, 11.b, 12.d

example of, 40.b

glory of, 12.d

God’s work through, 13.b

holiness of, 3.c

justice of, 11.a

knowledge of, 3.b

love of, 3.c, 26.c

mission of, 11.d, 14.c

name of, 24.c, 29.a

obedience of, 12.a

offering of, 18.b

omnipotence of. See Jesus Christ, power of

omnipresence of. See Jesus Christ, presence of

omniscience of. See Jesus Christ, knowledge of

power of, 3.b, 20.b

pre-eminence of, 3.b

pre-existence of, 3.a

presence of, 3.b

prophecies concerning, 11.a, 11.c

rejection of, 15.b

resurrection of, 11.b, 12.c, 35.b

return of, 15.a

righteousness of, 3.c

salvation through, 11.d

sovereignty of. See Jesus Christ, as Lord; Jesus Christ, power of

suffering of, 11.b, 40.b

unchanging, 3.a

wisdom of, 3.b

Joy, 18.c

Judgment of God, ch.10. See also Punishment

justness of, 10.b

outcomes of, 10.b

reasons for, 9.b, 10.a, 34.a, 38.c

the final judgment, 15.b

Justice, 32.a, 34.d


and Jesus Christ’s work, 14.a

through faith, 14.a


Kingdom of God, 12.a, 14.c

Knowledge, 15.b, 33.d

from God, 18.c, 18.d


Law, 31.a

and Jesus Christ, ch.14

and righteousness, 14.a

breaking of, 9.a, 9.c

limitations of, 14.a, 14.b

living free of, 21.c

obedience to, 8.b, 34.b, 34.c

overview of, 8.b

Ten Commandments, 8.b

Life, 8.b, 9.c

physical, 6.c

spiritual, 8.a, 18.a

Light, spiritual, 8.a

Listening, 33.c

Living with Jesus Christ. See Union with Jesus Christ

Lord’s Supper, the, 29.b


for God, 23.a

for other Christians, 26.c

for others, 31.a, 34.a

miscellaneous, 38.b


Masters, 34.d

Mercy. See also God, mercy of

human, 31.b

Messiah, the

Jesus Christ as, 11.c

prophecies concerning, 11.a

Mind, 7.c

Murder, 31.d



and Jesus Christ, 11.a

God’s power over, 7.b

Nature, God’s power over, 7.b

Needy, instructions on helping, 32.c

Neighbor, 31.a



aids to, 23.b

and faith, 21.b

blessings of, 8.b, 33.a

need for, 21.b, 23.a, 24.d

to God, 23.c, 34.b

to people, 30.c, 34.b, 34.c, 34.d

Offerings. See also Jesus Christ, offering of

in OT, 9.c

Overcoming, 19.b


Parents, duties of, 34.b

Participation, in church life, 26.b

Patience, 31.c

Peace, 18.c

with God, 13.a

with others, 26.a

People, God’s control over, 7.c

Persecution, responding to, 40.b

Persistence, 24.c, 36.b, 39.b

Plans. See God, plans and purposes of

Praise, 25.d

how to, 25.b, 27.c

Prayer, 36.c

before God, 24.b

faith in, 22.b, 24.c

for others, 30.b

God’s response to, 24.d

in suffering, 39.b

making requests in, 24.c, 39.b

things to ask, 28.d, 28.b, 33.a, 37.a, 37.b, 40.a

Pride, 38.a

Priests, 14.b

Protection, 19.c

Punishment, 10.b, 23.b. See also Judgment of God; Sin, punishment for

reasons for, 10.a

Purification, 21.a


Questioning, 10.c



Readiness, 36.b

Rebirth, 18.a

Redemption, 16.c

Refuge, 19.c, 39.a

Rejoicing, 25.d, 40.c

Remembering, 29.b

Renewal, spiritual, 18.a

Repayment, 10.b

Repentance, 10.b, 21.a

Respect, 34.b, 34.d

Response, 35.b, 35.d

Rest, 29.d

Restoration, 37.a

Revelation of God, 6.a

Reverence, 27.b

Reward, 15.b, 36.b, 40.c

Riches, 38.b

Righteous living, 37.c

Righteousness, 8.b

and Jesus Christ’s work, 14.a, 16.c

by faith, 14.a


Sabbath, 29.d


from sin, ch.13

through Jesus Christ, 2.d, 13.b, 15.b, 25.c

Sanctification, 18.b

Sanctuary, the heavenly, 14.b


divine help against, 19.b

evilness of, 5.b

resistance to, 36.c

Scripture, 8.a. See also Word of God

Seeking God, 24.a

Servants, 34.d

Serving God, ch.28. See also God’s work

Sexual immorality, 38.c

Sharing, 31.c

Sin, 29.a

avoiding, 37.b

causes of, 37.b

confession of, 37.a

dealing with, 37.a

defined, 9.a

Jesus Christ’s death for, 13.a

punishment for, 9.b, 10.a

salvation from, 11.d, ch.13

Sinful nature, 21.c, 37.c

Slavery, spiritual, 37.c

Sorrow, 37.a

removal of, 15.c

Soul, 6.c

Speaking, 33.c

Spiritual gifts, 28.c

Spiritual warfare, 36.c

Spouses, 34.a

Standing firm, 36.b

Strength, given by God, 19.d

Strengthening of others, 30.b

Studying, 23.c

Submission, 26.a, 34.a, 34.c, 34.d

Suffering, 40.c

God’s response to, 39.c

prayer in, 39.b

trusting God in, 39.a

Support, 30.c


Teaching, 33.b

divine, 18.d

parental, 34.b

Temptation, 37.b

Ten Commandments, 8.b

Thanksgiving, 25.d, 39.b

how to, 25.b, 27.c

Trouble, encouragement in, 17.a, 17.b, 20.a, 20.c

Trust. See also Faith

in God, 22.a, 22.c, 22.c, 39.a, 40.a

Truth, 8.a

Truthfulness, 32.b


Unfaithfulness, 10.a

Union with Jesus Christ, 16.c


Warfare, spiritual. See Spiritual warfare

Warning, 10.b

Washing, 29.a

Weapons, spiritual, 36.c

Wholeheartedness, 24.a

Wicked, judgment of, 10.a, 10.c

Wife, 34.a

Willingness, 27.d

Wisdom, 33.d

through God, 18.c, 33.a

through others, 33.b

Word of God, 8.a, 36.c

use of, 23.c, 37.b

World, salvation for, 11.d

Worship, 27.a

how to, 27.b, 27.d

with other Christians, 27.c

Pray for persecuted Christians