TBU: The Bible Unpacked: Foundations Edition

Unit E. Relating to God

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Unit E

Relating to God


  1. Being Right with God
    1. Getting Right with God
    2. Do What Is Right
    3. Live By the Holy Spirit


  1. Having Faith in God
    1. What Faith Is
    2. What to Have Faith For
    3. What Not to Do


  1. Loving, Fearing and Obeying God
    1. Love God
    2. Fear God
    3. Obey God
    4. Follow Jesus Christ


  1. Connecting with God
    1. Seeking God
    2. Praying to God
    3. How to Make Requests
    4. God’s Response to Requests


  1. Exalting God
    1. Glorify God by Your Actions
    2. Praise and Thank God
    3. Reasons to Praise God
    4. Rejoice Before God

 Major Headings Lists

Pray for persecuted Christians