TBU: The Bible Unpacked: Foundations Edition

6.  God’s Creation

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Chapter 6

God’s Creation

The formation of the universe – including the world and everything in it – is the most astonishing thing that has ever occurred. If we accept the following teaching about God and creation, then we should have little trouble in accepting the other claims that the Bible makes about God.

God Makes Everything

God made the heavens, the earth and everything in them

You are the only Lord. You made the heavens, even the highest heavens, with all the stars. You made the earth and everything on it, the seas and everything in them; you give life to everything.   Nehemiah 9:6a  NCV™

Because he made everything, all things belong to God

The heavens and the earth belong to you. And so does the world with all its people because you created them 12and everything else.   Psalms 89:11-12a  CEV

Creation is evidence of God and what he is like, to all people

[Paul, referring to wicked people:] They know everything that can be known about God, because God has shown it all to them. 20God’s eternal power and character cannot be seen. But from the beginning of creation, God has shown what these are like by all he has made. That’s why those people don’t have any excuse.   Romans 1:19-20  CEV

God Sustains Everything

Every creature’s life is dependent on God

The life of every living creature and the spirit in every human body are in his hands.   Job 12:10  GW

God made and sustains all things through Jesus Christ

God created the universe by his Son, and everything will someday belong to the Son. 3God’s Son has all the brightness of God’s own glory and is like him in every way. By his own mighty word, he holds the universe together.   Hebrews 1:2b-3a  CEV

God’s Creation of People

God has made people with a spirit

The Lord – he who stretches out the heavens and lays the foundations of the earth, who forms the human spirit within a person – says, …   Zechariah 12:1b  NET

God has made people in his own image

Then God said, “Let us make humans in our image, in our likeness. Let them rule the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the domestic animals all over the earth, and all the animals that crawl on the earth.” 27So God created humans in his image. In the image of God he created them. He created them male and female.   Genesis 1:26-27  GW

That God has made people in his own image is evident in that they reflect such things as his personal traits – e.g. aspects of his character and intellect – and that they have a spirit (as discussed in the previous subsection). Additionally, it is noteworthy that although God essentially is spirit, some descriptions of visions or “appearances” of God speak of him in terms of a human-like form (cf. Ezekiel 1:26-28; Daniel 7:9).

Every person will die

It is better to go to a funeral than a feast. For death is the destiny of every person, and the living should take this to heart.   Ecclesiastes 7:2  NET

People’s spirits exist after death

6.C As they [Jews] continued to stone Stephen, he kept praying, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit!”   Acts 7:59  ISV

Pray for persecuted Christians