‘The Bible Unpacked’ Online


The Bible Unpacked (TBU) presents the Bible’s teaching – primarily with Bible verses. There are 7 editions, for non-Christians through to mature Christians. Each edition is an abbreviated version of the next one up in size.

The ConciseFoundationsIntermediate and Comprehensive editions include questions for Bible studies.

In addition to the online versions (linked to above), go to The 7 Editions for free downloads of each of the editions in the following forms:

  • zip files; look for “Download Files”. These contain the html, css and js files for offline use. Bible study questions are included.
  • PDF files. There are also free PDF Bible study series for 4 editions.
  • ePub and mobi eBooks. Bible study questions are included.

The resources on this website may be freely downloaded and reproduced for non-profit Christian purposes. In return, I ask you to pray regularly for persecuted Christians. For a list of organizations that provide prayer points and/or aid, go to Pray for Persecuted Christians.