Pocket Edition Contents

The Pocket Edition reflects the contents of the larger editions in that it is divided into the two major divisions – Section 1: What to Know and Section 2: What to Do – which it has as chapters.

Additionally, its ten main headings are based on the eight major parts of the larger editions, with two pairs of its ten headings each being based on one of the eight major parts. (Headings 3 and 4 are based on Part C. God and the World: Jesus Christ. And headings 6 and 7 are based on Part E. Relating to God.) This is reflected in the colors of the headings.

Section 1: What to Know

  1. What God Is Like
  2. God’s Rule and Sin
  3. Jesus Christ (A): His Mission
  4. Jesus Christ (B): His Significance
  5. God and His Own People

Section 2: What to Do

  1. Relating to God (A): Starting
  2. Relating to God (B): General
  3. Church Life
  4. Relating to People
  5. Persevering