Concise Edition Contents

The Concise Edition is the first edition in which the eight parts (Part A to Part H) and the 40 major headings appear – as below. In the Concise Edition the eight parts are chapters, in which the other 40 headings appear. In the larger editions the 40 headings are chapters, grouped under the eight parts.

Section 1: What to Know

Part A. God and Spiritual Powers

  • God’s Being
  • God’s Character
  • Jesus Christ
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Angels, Demons and Satan

Part B. God and the World: Basics

  • God’s Creation
  • God’s Sovereignty
  • God’s Word
  • The Problem of Sin
  • God’s Judgment

Part C. God and the World: Jesus Christ

  • God’s Promised Messiah
  • Jesus Christ’s Mission
  • Salvation Through Jesus Christ
  • The New Order
  • ‘The Last Things’

Part D. God and His Own People

  • The Standing of God’s People
  • Keys to God’s Interaction with His People
  • God’s Transformation of His People
  • God’s Care of His People
  • God’s Plans for His People


Section 2: What to Do

Part E. Relating to God

  • Being Right with God
  • Having Faith in God
  • Loving, Fearing and Obeying God
  • Connecting with God
  • Exalting God

Part F. Church Life

  • Being One Body
  • Worshiping God
  • Serving God
  • Significant Practices
  • Church Leadership

Part G. Relating to Other People

  • Love
  • Justice
  • Wisdom
  • Common Relationships
  • Spreading the Gospel

Part H. Persevering

  • Standing Firm
  • Rejecting Sin
  • Major Pitfalls
  • Hard Times
  • Persecution