Comprehensive Edition Contents

Principal Contents

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Main Headings

Both the Comprehensive Edition and the In-Depth Edition have the main headings below. The In-Depth Edition has more subheadings under some of the major headings. But the main differences between these two editions is that the In-Depth Edition has significantly more verses listed under the subheadings.


Section I. What to Know


Part A. God and Spiritual Powers

  1. God’s Being
    1. Basics
      1. God’s Form
      2. God’s Glory
      3. God’s Personhood
      4. God’s Eternity
    2. God’s Pre-Eminence
      1. God’s Greatness
      2. God’s Power (I): Ultimate Power
      3. God’s Power (II): His Deeds
      4. God’s Knowledge and Wisdom
      5. Addendum: God’s ‘Name’
  2. God’s Character
    1. Holy Characteristics
      1. Holiness
      2. Righteousness and Justice
      3. Faithfulness
      4. Anger
    2. Loving Characteristics
      1. Love
      2. Mercy
      3. Benevolence
      4. Jealousy
  3. Jesus Christ
    1. General
      1. Jesus Christ’s Eternity
      2. Jesus Christ’s Pre-Eminence
      3. Jesus Christ’s Character
      4. Jesus Christ’s ‘Name’
    2. Jesus Christ and God
      1. Jesus Christ Is the Son of God (I): General
      2. Jesus Christ Is the Son of God (II): Testimony
      3. Jesus Christ Is Identified with God
      4. Jesus Christ Is Treated like God Is
      5. Jesus Christ Acts in Subordination to God
  4. The Holy Spirit
    1. General
      1. The Holy Spirit of God
      2. The Holy Spirit’s Being
      3. The Holy Spirit’s Personhood
    2. God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit
      1. Mutual Association
      2. Mutual Divine Attributes
      3. Mutual Divine Roles
  5. Angels, Satan and Demons
    1. Angels
      1. Attributes of Angels
      2. Angels and God
      3. Angels and God’s People
      4. Further Teaching about Angels
    2. Satan and Demons
      1. Satan’s Evilness
      2. Satan’s Power
      3. Satan’s Work against God’s People
      4. Demons


Part B. God and the World: Basics

  1. God’s Creation
    1. General
      1. God Made All Things
      2. God Maintains Creation
      3. How God Made and Maintains Creation
      4. Implications of God Being Creator
    2. God’s Creation of People
      1. Life and Death
      2. The Human Spirit
      3. The Uniqueness of People
      4. Epilogue: God’s Self-Revelation to People
  2. God’s Sovereignty
    1. God’s Supreme Authority
      1. The LORD Is God – the Only God
      2. God Reigns Supreme
      3. God Has Power over All Things
      4. God Defeats His Enemies
      5. God Fulfills His Plans
    2. God’s Control over the World
      1. God Has Control over Evil
      2. God Has Control over Nature
      3. God Has Control over the Nations
      4. God Has Control over Each Person
      5. Addendum: God’s Early Dealings with Humankind
  3. God’s Word
    1. General
      1. What God’s Word Comprises
      2. God’s Communication of His Word
      3. Characteristics of God’s Word
      4. Functions of God’s Word (I): General
      5. Functions of God’s Word (II): Blessings
    2. Key Old Testament Covenants
      1. God’s Covenant with Abraham
      2. God’s Making of Israel as His People
      3. God’s Covenant with Israel and the Law
      4. The Ark of the Covenant and God’s Presence
      5. God’s Faithfulness to His Covenant with Israel
      6. God’s Dealings and Covenant with David
  4. The Problem of Sin
    1. General
      1. Sin Is Breaking God’s Law
      2. Sin Is against God
      3. Sin Is Universal
      4. Sin Has Intrinsic Ill Effects
      5. Sin Brings God’s Judgment – Ultimately Death
    2. The Law’s Provision for Israel’s Sin
      1. Offerings for Atonement for Sinners
      2. Aspects of Making Offerings for Sin
      3. The Role of the Priests
      4. Ceremonial Cleanness
      5. Epilogue: Israel’s Persistence in Sin
  5. God’s Judgment
    1. Basics
      1. God Is the Judge of the World
      2. Reasons for God’s Judgment
      3. God’s Judgment Is Just
      4. God’s Judgment Reveals God
    2. The Manifestation of God’s Judgment
      1. Means of God’s Judicial Retribution
      2. Characteristics of God’s Judicial Retribution
      3. The Wicked and God’s Pending Judgment
      4. Repayments for the Wicked and the Righteous
      5. Epilogue: God’s Judgment of Israel – and His Mercy


Part C. God and the World: Jesus Christ

  1. God’s Promised Messiah
    1. The Messiah’s Identity
      1. The Promise of a Messiah in OT Scripture
      2. Jesus Is the Promised Messiah
      3. Messianic Prophecies Fulfilled by Jesus
      4. Further Testimony to Jesus Being the Messiah
    2. The Messiah’s Purpose and Person
      1. Jesus Christ’s Mission from God
      2. Jesus Christ’s Humanity
      3. Jesus Christ’s Personality
      4. Epilogue: God Works through Jesus Christ
  2. Jesus Christ’s Mission
    1. God’s Enablement of Jesus Christ
      1. Jesus Christ’s Authority from God
      2. Jesus Christ’s Power from God
      3. Jesus Christ’s Knowledge from God
      4. Jesus Christ’s Direction from God
    2. Jesus Christ’s Ministry, Death and Resurrection
      1. Jesus Christ’s Miracles
      2. Jesus Christ’s Teaching
      3. Jesus Christ’s Rejection and Death
      4. Jesus Christ’s Resurrection and Ascension
  3. Salvation through Jesus Christ
    1. Salvation from Sin
      1. Jesus Christ’s Death as an Offering for Sin
      2. Jesus Christ’s Death and Atonement for Sin
      3. Jesus Christ’s Death and Redemption from Sin
      4. Jesus Christ’s Resurrection and Salvation
    2. Salvation for the World
      1. The Savior of the World
      2. Life through Jesus Christ
      3. Salvation for the Gentiles through Jesus Christ
      4. The Gentiles as Part of God’s People
      5. Epilogue: Jesus Christ’s Mission and Israel
  4. The New Order
    1. Jesus Christ and the Law’s Diminished Role
      1. Righteousness Not by Law, but Faith in Jesus Christ
      2. Salvation by Grace, through Jesus Christ
      3. Release from the Law through Jesus Christ
      4. The Relevance of the Law
    2. Key Elements of the New Order
      1. God’s New Covenant
      2. Jesus Christ as High Priest
      3. The Kingdom of God
      4. Jesus Christ as Lord of All
  5. ‘The Last Things’
    1. Jesus Christ’s Return and the Final Judgment
      1. Prologue: Judgments Preceding Jesus Christ’s Return
      2. The Timing of Jesus Christ’s Return
      3. Jesus Christ’s Return
      4. The Final Judgment (I): Its Scope and Outcomes
      5. The Final Judgment (II): The Process
      6. Jesus Christ’s Universal Rule
    2. The Afterlife
      1. The New Creation
      2. Eternal Life
      3. The Heavenly State of God’s People
      4. Being with God
      5. The Punishment for the Ungodly


Part D. God and His Own People

  1. The Standing of God’s People
    1. Basics
      1. Prologue: God Draws People to Himself
      2. God’s People Belong to God
      3. God’s People Are His Family
      4. God’s People Are His Church
    2. Being ‘in’ Jesus Christ
      1. God’s People Are ‘in’ Jesus Christ
      2. The Significance of Being ‘in’ Jesus Christ
      3. God’s People Are One Body ‘in’ Jesus Christ
      4. Epilogue: God’s People Relate to God through Jesus Christ
  2. Keys to God’s Interaction with His People
    1. Basics
      1. God Is Always with His People
      2. God Knows His People and They Know Him
      3. God Loves His People
      4. God Is Faithful to His People
      5. God Shows Grace to His People
    2. God’s Holy Spirit in His People
      1. God Gives the Holy Spirit to His People
      2. God Works in His People through the Holy Spirit
      3. The Holy Spirit Renews God’s People
      4. The Holy Spirit Helps God’s People
  3. God’s Transformation of His People
    1. General
      1. God Makes His People Spiritually Alive
      2. God Makes His People Holy
      3. God Teaches His People
      4. God Disciplines His People (I): Reasons
      5. God Disciplines His People (II): Insights
    2. Spiritual Attributes
      1. Love, Faith and Hope
      2. Peace
      3. Joy
      4. Wisdom and Knowledge
  4. God’s Care of His People
    1. God’s Saving of His People
      1. God’s Capacity to Save His People
      2. God Saves His People – from All Things
      3. God Redeems His People
      4. God Helps His People against Enemies
      5. God Is Revealed in Saving His People
    2. God’s Preservation of His People
      1. God Meets His People’s Needs
      2. God Strengthens His People
      3. God Protects His People (I): General
      4. God Protects His People (II): Depictions
      5. Epilogue: God’s Care of the Needy
  5. God’s Plans for His People
    1. General
      1. God Has Plans and Purposes for His People
      2. God Works through His People (I): General
      3. God Works through His People (II): Empowerment
      4. God Guides His People
    2. God’s Plans for Israel
      1. Return to the Land
      2. Physical Renewal
      3. Deliverance from Enemies
      4. Everlasting Peace
      5. Spiritual Renewal
      6. A Renewed Relationship with God
      7. Exaltation and Glorification


Section II. What to Do


Part E. Relating to God

  1. Being Right with God
    1. Getting Right with God
      1. God’s Invitation
      2. Repentance
      3. Belief in Jesus Christ (I): Instructions and Insights
      4. Belief in Jesus Christ (II): Outcomes
      5. Reasons for Assurance
    2. Staying Right with God
      1. The Need to Obey God
      2. The Need for Good Deeds
      3. Living Free of the Law and Sin – by the Spirit
      4. Epilogue: Living ‘in’ Jesus Christ
  2. Having Faith in God
    1. Faith and Hope
      1. Have Faith in God
      2. What Faith in God Involves Doing
      3. The Importance of Faith (I): Godly Living
      4. The Importance of Faith (II): Blessings
      5. Have Hope in God
      6. The Importance of Hope
    2. What Not to Do
      1. Do Not Lack Faith
      2. Do Not Be Afraid (I): Instructions
      3. Do Not Be Afraid (II): Reasons
      4. Do Not Worry
      5. Do Not Trust in Other Things
  3. Loving, Fearing and Obeying God
    1. Loving and Fearing God
      1. Love God
      2. The Importance of Loving God
      3. Fear God
      4. Why God Should Be Feared
      5. The Importance of Fearing God (I): Godly Living
      6. The Importance of Fearing God (II): Blessings
    2. Obeying God
      1. Obey God
      2. Learn God’s Commands – and All His Word
      3. How to Obey God
      4. Blessings of Obeying God
      5. Epilogue: Follow Jesus Christ
  4. Connecting with God
    1. Being Close to God
      1. Seek God
      2. Focus on God
      3. Meet with God and Live before Him
      4. Know God
    2. Praying to God
      1. The Importance of Prayer
      2. Praying before God
      3. Physical Aspects of Prayer
      4. Making Requests
      5. Epilogue: God’s Response to Requests
  5. Exalting God
    1. Instructions
      1. Glorify and Honor God
      2. Do Not Dishonor God
      3. Praise and Thank God
      4. How to Give Praise and Thanks (I): General
      5. How to Give Praise and Thanks (II): Rejoicing
    2. Reasons to Exalt God
      1. Aspects of God’s Being
      2. Aspects of God’s Character
      3. What God Does in the World
      4. What God Does for His People
      5. Epilogue: God’s Vast Blessing of His People


Part F. Church Life

  1. Being One Body
    1. General
      1. The Church as One Body
      2. Be in Unison
      3. Be in Fellowship
      4. Love Each Other (I): General
      5. Love Each Other (II): How
    2. Caring for the Body
      1. Pray for Each Other (I): General
      2. Pray for Each Other (II): What to Ask
      3. Encourage Each Other
      4. Help Each Other
  2. Worshiping God
    1. General
      1. Worship God
      2. Worshiping before God
      3. Worshiping Together (I): General
      4. Worshiping Together (II): OT Feasts and Festivals
    2. Offerings
      1. Reasons to Give to God
      2. What to Give to God
      3. How to Give to God
      4. Righteousness and Making Offerings
  3. Serving God
    1. Preliminary Instructions and Insights
      1. Be Prepared to Serve God
      2. Be Devoted to God’s Work
      3. Reasons to Serve God
      4. Being Guided by God
    2. Doing God’s Work
      1. Do God’s Work – the Best You Can
      2. Do the Work through God
      3. The Manner in Which to Serve God
      4. Working with Other Believers
      5. Spiritual Gifts
  4. Significant Practices
    1. Symbolic Rites
      1. Baptism
      2. The Lord’s Supper
      3. Circumcision: Its Needlessness
    2. Other Significant Practices
      1. Confession of Jesus Christ
      2. Keeping the Sabbath Holy
      3. Fasting
      4. The Laying on of Hands
  5. Church Leadership
    1. General
      1. Introduction
      2. Required Characteristics
      3. Managing the Church
      4. Caring for Church Members
      5. Dealing with Sin in the Church
      6. Women in Leadership
      7. Church Members’ Duties to Leaders
    2. Teaching in the Church
      1. What to Teach: God’s Word
      2. How to Teach
      3. Traits of False Teachers (I): Their Teaching
      4. Traits of False Teachers (II): Characteristics
      5. Guarding against False Teachers


Part G. Relating to People

  1. Love
    1. Loving Qualities
      1. Love
      2. Generosity
      3. Mercy
      4. Gentleness
    2. Antitheses of Love
      1. Selfish Attitudes
      2. Ill Feelings
      3. Adverse Speech
      4. Violent Actions
  2. Justice
    1. Justice in Action
      1. Do What Is Just and Right
      2. Administering Justice
      3. Justice and the Needy (I): Instructions
      4. Justice and the Needy (II): Insights
      5. OT Structured Provisions for the Needy
    2. Being True
      1. Faithfulness
      2. Truthfulness
      3. Deceitfulness
      4. Dishonest Gain
      5. Addendum: Oaths
  3. Wisdom
    1. Being Wise
      1. Prologue: The Precedence of Godly Wisdom
      2. Wisdom through God
      3. Wisdom through Others
      4. Wise Speech (I): Instructions
      5. Wise Speech (II): Insights
      6. Wise Personal Practices
    2. Antitheses of Wisdom and Knowledge
      1. Foolishness
      2. Foolish and Ungodly Practices
      3. Spiritual Ignorance (I): Causes and Results
      4. Spiritual Ignorance (II): Knowledge Lacked
      5. Epilogue: Blessings of Wisdom
  4. Common Relationships
    1. Family Relationships
      1. Prologue: Getting Married
      2. Spouses (I): General
      3. Spouses (II): Romantic Love
      4. Parents’ Duties to Children (I): Love and Care
      5. Parents’ Duties to Children (II): Godly Training
      6. Children’s Duties to Parents
    2. Civil Relationships
      1. Citizens’ Duties to Authorities
      2. Authorities’ Duties to Citizens (I): General
      3. Authorities’ Duties to Citizens (II): Justice
      4. Servants and Masters
  5. Spreading the Gospel
    1. Instructions
      1. Tell Others the Gospel
      2. What Things to Explain
      3. How to Spread the Message
      4. Supplementary Actions
    2. Insights
      1. Insights on the Gospel Message
      2. The Need to Spread the Gospel
      3. God and the Gospel’s Effectiveness
      4. Further Insights regarding the Gospel


Part H. Persevering

  1. Standing Firm
    1. General
      1. Be Faithful to God
      2. Remember God and His Word
      3. Hold to the Faith
      4. Persist until the End
      5. Be Ready for Jesus Christ’s Return
    2. Spiritual Warfare
      1. The Existence of Spiritual Warfare
      2. Engaging in Spiritual Warfare
      3. Counteraction of Demons
      4. Ungodly Spiritualistic Practices
  2. Rejecting Sin
    1. Encountering Sin
      1. Consequences of Sin for God’s People
      2. Addressing Sin (I): Return from Sin to God
      3. Addressing Sin (II): Deal with Sin before God
      4. God’s Response to Repentance
    2. Avoiding Sin and Being Holy
      1. Avoiding Sin
      2. Alternatives to Sin
      3. Be Holy (I): General
      4. Be Holy (II): Being Set Apart
  3. Major Pitfalls
    1. Pride
      1. Pride in Thought
      2. Pride in Action: Self-Exaltation and Boasting
      3. Outcomes of Pride
      4. Antithesis of Pride: Humility
    2. Riches and Sex
      1. Riches and Godliness
      2. Further Warnings about Riches
      3. Sexual Sin
      4. Prohibited Forms of Sex
      5. Epilogue: Be Wary
  4. Hard Times
    1. General
      1. Prologue: God’s People Still Have Hard Times
      2. Mourn Loss
      3. Keep in Mind God and His Word
      4. Trust in God
      5. Hope in God and Wait for Him
    2. Praying in Hard Times
      1. Express Your Anguish to God
      2. Ask God for Help (I): General
      3. Ask God for Help (II): Things to Appeal To
      4. Praise and Rejoice in God
      5. Epilogue: God Does Respond to Suffering and Cries
  5. Persecution
    1. The Persecution of God’s People
      1. God’s People Face Persecution
      2. Types of Persecution
      3. The Antichrist and the Final Persecution
      4. God’s Care of Persecuted Believers
    2. What to Do in Persecution
      1. Be Faithful to God and Endure
      2. Have Faith in God and Pray
      3. Rejoice
      4. Epilogue: Blessings for Faithfulness in Persecution